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* Puli's JuiShui Elementary School honored with "Excellence Award"
Date : 96/09/20
One of the only three educational institutions in the nation selected as having the best achievement in educating and promoting energy conservation in schools, was Jui Shui Elementary School of Puli. The Ministry of Economic Affairs bestowed them with an "Excellence Award". Not only is the school blessed with an environment that's natural and unspoiled, students and faculty of Jui Shui Elementary School are also very much in tune with energy efficiency and conservation. The school has built its own solar electricity system and water recycling facilities for both educational and everyday use. This hands-on approach to energy education has made them a worthy recipient of the award.

Mr. Meng-chang Cai, Manager of General Affairs and the mastermind behind the energy education at Jui Shui Elementary School, indicated that prior to the 9:21 earthquake the school was surrounded by farms, which were a resource for studying the natural environment. The schools' sustainability funds were provided by the Department of Education in 2003, and ever since then he has been pushing for energy education. Aside from installing hardware and improving environmental conditions at the school he also educated the students. Students were made more aware of things that might appear trivial at first but if looked at over time, they could see they were actually significant energy saving habits, such as switching off the lights and water when not in use. Concepts such as these plus the solar energy project, have been well received by the administration.

Mr. Cai also indicated that the rebuild after the earthquake offered a unique opportunity to make the school more environmentally friendly and to raise students' awareness of environmental issues. The new school now blends into the environment, literally and spiritually. The sustainability funds further the school's drive for a green school by incorporating environmental education as well as by developing solar-based alternative energy source to power everything from campus equipment, lighting, and water-recycling pumps. All of these energy conservation techniques have resulted in thousands of dollars in savings from reduced public electricity usage.

Additionally, Mr. Cai put solar power hardware to experiential educational use. He used solar power for the windmills and fountains found on the campus grounds to demonstrate to the students how solar power worked. The result was that this process made the students, faculty and parents all become more aware of the idea of how to create 'clean energy' and the importance of protecting the environment.

Address.:  No.133, Nangang 2nd Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 540, Taiwan (R.O.C.)  TEL: +886-49-2222111   E-mail: ncpb09@mail.ncpb.gov.tw
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