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Nantou County Police Bureau Address.:  No.133, Nangang 2nd Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 540, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
* September 23rd 2007 marked the Annual Sun Moon Lake Million Man Swimming Festival
Date : 96/10/24
September 23rd 2007 was the 25th Annual Sun Moon Lake Million Man Swimming Festival. There were 1,101 swimming teams within the 20,000 participants in this year’s event. This was the second record breaking year of over 20,000 attendances, some of whom included Nantou County Magistrate Chao-ching Lee, former Koumintang (KMT) Party Chairman Ying-jiu Ma, Utah’s West Valley City Mayor Mr. Dennis Nordfelt, and Korea’s Youngju former City Mayor Mr. Bo-young Kim, Nantou City Mayor Shu-Hua Hsu, County Assemblywoman Yi-ru Lin, and County Assemblyman Cheng-xiong Hong. This was the third year former KMT Chairman Ying-jiu Ma swam across Sun Moon Lake. Mr. Ma praised this event is an international event and should be considered for addition to the book of world records.
20,000 participants came from all corners of the world and more than seven countries were represented such as: The United States, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and several European countries. The participant’s swimming skills varied, there were regular pace swimmers as well as 230 professional foreign swimmers and 193 handicapped participants. It was an impressive sight to see everyone swimming.
At the opening ceremony, Nantou County Magistrate Chao-ching Lee, former KMT Chairman Ying-jiu Ma, and other city officials released celebratory shots into the air in Chaowu Harbor to remind people of the importance of Sun Moon Lake’s ecology. Magistrate Lee also participated in the swimming event and welcomed every successful challenger who swam across the lake at the Ida Thao Harbor. Magistrate Lee stated former legislator Mr. Dun-yi Wu created this event twenty-five years ago. The first year began with 500 athletes and has now grown to a record breaking 20,000 participants. This event is beginning to create a name for itself as an international athletic event not to miss!
Address.:  No.133, Nangang 2nd Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 540, Taiwan (R.O.C.)  TEL: +886-49-2222111   E-mail: ncpb09@mail.ncpb.gov.tw
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