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* Couple from Macao make central Taiwan home and make many friends over the years
Date : 96/11/30
A couple from Macao, Uncle and Auntie Chen, have made their home in Chunghsing New Village in Nantou County for over a decade. The two have operated a noodle stand in the Kuangming Market located within the village for the past 17 years. The two said they are constantly moved by the sincerity and friendliness of the people of Taiwan. The couple said they look upon their customers as part of their family. They do not charge children anything when they eat at their stand. In addition, some of their customers have even volunteered to help them out, assisting them in designing signage, carrying dishes to other customers, and washing dishes and other utensils for them.
Uncle and Auntie Chen's noodle stand is not an impressive-looking stall. However, the reputation of the Chens and their noodle stand has made it throughout Chunghsing New village and even to more distant places. Many people in the area began eating the noodles made by the couple when they were just children and grew up eating at the stand. They affectionately refer to Chen Kuan-ying as Uncle Chen and his wife, Chou Shao-kai, as Auntie Chen. In addition, what makes this couple so special is that they moved to the town from Macao. Eighteen years ago, the couple came to Chunghsing New Village to care for the sister of Chen's father. They came to really enjoy the environment in the area and decided to settle down here. One year later, they acquired a small noodle stand in the Kuangming Market. The two of them, along with their two children, have re-defined the concept of a "long stay," as they have remained in Taiwan until the present.

Auntie Chen said, "The Taiwanese people are really so kindhearted." She said that many customers of their noodle stand have taken it upon themselves to help out the two "foreigners." Many of their customers will bring various treats they have at home to the stand to share with the couple. The genuine sincerity of the people in Chunghsing New Village has really touched the couple, making them want to work even harder. Over the years, they have developed an increasingly close bond with the people who come to buy noodles from them.

In fact, Chen Kuan-ying and Chou Shao-kai look upon their customers as part of their family. The couple has not raised prices for many years. In addition, the couple refuses to accept money from children who are not able to consume a whole bowl of noodles. Chen Pei-yu, a long-time customer, has a six year old son "Hsiao Wu." Chen's son has eaten at the noodle stand for free since he was two years old. As a result, each time Hsiao Wu sees his mother helping Uncle Chen wash dishes, he says that he also wants to help out by helping clear the bowls from tables and wiping down the tables.

There are many young volunteers like Hsiao Wu who help out at the stand. Auntie Chen said that whenever she and her husband are both busy preparing noodles for customers and do not have time to clear and wash the dishes, customers will come to the rescue. One long-time customer in Chunghsing New Village even came to help out every morning before she had to go to work when Auntie Chen went back to Macao to visit her relatives. When Auntie Chen was away, this had left her husband alone to do all the work. The unique sign of the noodle stand was made by a young man in the alternative service program who regularly came and ate at the Chen's stand. The young man secretly made the sign and then gave it to them as a present. The couple cherishes the sign and is quite proud to have it hanging on their stall.

This year Uncle Chen is 56 years old, while Auntie Chen is 51. They have completely blended into the Taiwanese lifestyle. They regularly invited customers over to their home for a meal. In addition, at major holidays throughout the year, they will make Hong Kong-style turnip cakes and sausage, which they then present as gifts to their customers.

Uncle Chen said that his family has become a Taiwanese family and they are happy to shout out to others that they love Taiwan.

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