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Nantou County Police Bureau Address.:  No.133, Nangang 2nd Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 540, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
* Nantou Grape Festival 2014 started with a grand ceremony 1000 people joined the painting sessions
Date : 103/12/15
Hosted by Chen Chih-ching, the Acting County Magistrate of Nantou, the opening ceremony of Nantou Grape Festival was grandly held at Dream Works of the Mei, Xinyi Township. In the ceremony, he openly invited all visitors to taste the delicious and fresh grapes in Nantou and enjoy the hot spring spa at Dongpu. Enjoying indigenous meals, visitors could relax themselves during the weekends and holidays in Nantou.

Acting Magistrate Chen expressed that there were 600 hectares of land dedicated for growing grapes in Nantou County. In Xinyi Township alone, the grape orchards occupied 391 hectares of land. Due to the drastic temperature difference and abundant sunshine, the grapes grown there were tasty and sweet, favored by consumers. For people that love eating high mountain grapes why not enjoy spending a vacation at Xinyi Township where they can pick and taste fresh grapes directly from the orchards.

Due to the high altitude, great temperature difference, and abundant sunshine at Xinyi Township, it provides ideal natural conditions for growing the best grapes in Taiwan. Both the flesh and skin of those grapes are of high nutritional value. No wonder the grape farmers are holding important positions in the marketing of farm produce in the country. Magistrate Chen pointed out that with its excellent geographical location, Nantou was an ideal place for growing grapes. Promoted and guided by the county government, Zhushan Farmer's Association was successful in establishing the brand name of “purple honey grape”; Shuili Township Farmers’ Association, “black purple jade grape”; Sinyi Township Farmers’ Association, “pearl grape”; and more. Now, it is enthusiastic in helping Tsaotun Township Farmers’ Association to grow “Caotun pearl (purple crystal) grape” and Jiji Farmers’ Association to grow “green Jiji grape.” Visitors are welcome to come and taste these fine grapes, which make nice souvenirs too.

With the nice dance show presented by the women in Tonglin Community, the beginning of the ceremony was announced. Later, Acting Magistrate Chen invited 12 guests to paint the grapes together. Also they invited all the visitors, about 1000, to join the painting session. The event was lively and interesting. At a side, the grapes vendors were busy promoting and selling their grapes, fruits, and vegetables to the enthusiastic visitors. In addition, there were tea artists preparing indigenous style black tea with TTES (Taiwan Tea Experiment Station) No.18 promoted by Sinyi Township Farmers’ Association. It attracted many tea lovers. In addition, there were also elections of the most favorite fruits: shu tou xian or grapes, and many other interesting activities. With nice presents and fun games, visitors participated in these games passionately, enjoying a very happy time.
Address.:  No.133, Nangang 2nd Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 540, Taiwan (R.O.C.)  TEL: +886-49-2222111   E-mail: ncpb09@mail.ncpb.gov.tw
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