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* 「Sharing ding wine Zi Nan Temple on the 16th in the first lunar month. Thousands of pilgrims prayed for peace and prosperity」
Date : 104/05/08
The folk activity of “Sharing ding wine on the 16th of the first lunar month” at Jushan Zi Nan Temple was held on March 6. The temple prepared 100 thousand sets of sesame oil chicken to treat the pilgrims. After Magistrate Lin Ming-chen hit the gong, the people lined up to collect the treat and prayed to the land god in order to borrow fortune money. Thousands of people packed the place.

In accordance with the temple’s norm, in the “Sharing ding wine” activity, one should prepare 10 thousand jins of chicken, 2 thousand jins of rice wine, and other noodles, rice, and vegetarian dishes. It took 600 volunteers to help cook the ding wine and prepare the ingredients for the big meal to fill the bellies of 100 thousand people. Just after midday, all the meals were gone.

Shortly before 9 am, crowds gathered and people began to line up. After Magistrate Lin hit the gong to announce the beginning of the folk activity, people queued to collect ding wine. For the people that collected the wine from Magistrate Lin, they rejoiced with cheers. The cried, “Eating the ding wine presented by Magistrate Lin, they would have good fortune throughout the year.”

Magistrate Lin expressed that sharing ding wine at Zi Nan Temple attracted worshippers from different corners in Taiwan. They came to pray to the deities and eat the wine for peace and prosperity. He thanked the Chuang Chiu-an, the Chair of Zi Nan Temple for his consideration. With worshippers flocking in to eat ding wine, and pray for the “fortune money”, Zi Nan Temple had transformed a religious cult into a highlight in local tourism.

Zi Nan Temple has been active in promoting local charity. It takes care of elderly people, students, and minorities. Mr. Chuang would like to present his gratitude to the Land God and Land Goddess, who suggested not expanding the temple with the donated money. Instead, it should be used to take care of the people in need.

Ms Wang Chin-lien from Changhua said that eating ding wine is a virtue according to tradition, symbolizing unity. “Eat ding wine, and we will enjoy peace and prosperity throughout the year.” She comes every year. Specifically, after praying to get the golden chicken of Zi Nan Temple, she has been successful and prosperous in doing almost anything.

The Huang’s family from Tucheng, New Taipei City also came and joined the eat ding wine activity. They hired a 40-person bus to go down south. They said after discovering the ding wine activity of Zi Nan Temple was so rewarding for the first time, they would come to Nantou every year on the ding wine day.

Originally, the folklore of “eating ding wine” was a ritual held on the Lantern Festival to thank the Land God with chicken and rice wine broth after new baby sons were born to the worshippers. Later, the temple cooked the same dish to treat the worshippers on the next day. Now, it has become a grand folk activity of the temple.
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